If I have restless leg syndrome during pregnancy, will my symptoms disappear soon after delivery?

Sometimes. Restless legs syndrome has been known to be associated with low ferritin stores in the body. Ferritin is a protein that stores iron and releases it in a controlled fashion. Most pregnant women have iron-deficiency anemia and may have low ferritin levels. If this is addressed the restless legs symptoms often resolve - your symptoms may improve after you deliver. If it doesn't, seek medical help.
Yes. Pregnancy is a known cause of restless leg syndrome, probably due to changes in Dopamine levels in the brain (it is a neurotransmitter). If you did not have this problem before pregnancy, then most likely it will go away after delivery. Pregnancy can unmask some of the body's tendencies, so if it persists you should call your doctor.

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Restless leg syndrome is keeping me up at night. How can I safely manage it during pregnancy?

Several things. Have your doctor check on whether you might be iron deficient, or have certain vitamin deficiencies (folic acid), both of which can increase RLS symptoms. Avoid caffeine, esp after noon. It is usually transient in pregnancy. Meds used in treatment are cat. C, which means while they have not been proven safe, they haven't been proven harmful in human beings in usual doses. Hot packs may help.
Couple of options. Typically mild to moderate exercise not too close to bedtime (more than 3 hours) and warm baths are the most recommended non drug options for RLS during pregnancy. Make sure you're not iron deficient which makes RLS much worse. I've rarely used low dose narcotics for really bad refractory cases in pregnancy.
RLS. If you are experiencing restless legs syndrome (rls) that is causing sleep disruption, please see a sleep medicine specialist to determine if it is truly RLS and to adequately treat it. Until then, try to keep hydrated, do gentle leg stretches prior to bedtime, avoid caffeine, and try to regularize your bedtime. Hope that helps!

Never had restless leg syndrome tell pregnancy and after now could this be levels of something in the body or something not going back normal?

Yes. Your body has huge amounts of Progesterone while you are pregnant, and this level plummets after giving birth. It is possible that your progesterone:estrogen ratio is out of whack, and you basically need additional Progesterone (which you can get in plant based and bio-identical cremes) to balance hormones out. This is a known treatment for rls.
Yes-nutritional. Restless leg syndrome is associated with nutritional deficiency often iron. At the end of a pregnancy your body is pretty depleted. I would start with your OB he/she should know a good professional near you if that is not something she/he will treat.