Can you tell me about being induced with gel then pitocin (oxytocin)?

Cervical Ripening. The purpose of the gel is to prepare the cervix to dilate. It makes the cervix softer and sometimes causes slight dilation. The pitocin (oxytocin) gives you the contractions of real labor. This combination is a good way to induce labor if your body is ready or there is a medical need for induction. Best wishes!

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Can the drug pitocin (oxytocin) - used to induce and augment labor cause an overreaction requiring c section?

Pitocin (oxytocin) Pitocin (oxytocin) is what your body makes.It helps increase the effectiveness of contractions.Drs can add a pit to assist labor & at proper doses it speeds the process.Babies can grow well during pregnancy with a cord/placenta that in not healthy enough to endure the stress of labor(leading to a distress pattern) nurses can stop added pit but not what u make.Distressed babies need to be delivered asap. Read more...