Emts thought my allergy induced asthma attack was a panic attack, could this be true?

Maybe. Did you have a thorough medical assessment ? There could sometimes be a mix of symptoms. Since there may be some overlap in sxs - a concentrated eval is the best way to distinguish.
Depends. If your lung function test was otherwise normal during an attack, then the problem is likely from something else. Whether it was from a panic attack or not needs to be evaluated by your doctor. Do note that vocal cord dysfunction (when the vocal cord closes up while breathing in ) may be misdiagnosed as a panic attack. If this has been frequent, consult an allergist.

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Is a panic attack the same or similar to an asthma attack?

No. An asthma attack can be caused by a variety of factors including allergic exposures such as to animals or pollen. Symptoms can also be triggered by non-allergic factors such as smoke, cold air, infections or exercise. Whils stress can be a trigger it is very unusual while panic attacks are usually caused by very stessful situations. Read more...

I can't tell if this is an asthma attack or a panic attack. Please help?

Sensation differs. In panic, an individual usually gets a sensation that they can't catch their breath and often takes rapid, short breaths. It feels hard to INhale, and there may be a squeak noted in the upper windpipe. Episode usually preceded by sighing, feeling a lump in throat. In asthma, EXhaing is prolonged, due to narrow small airways and causes wheezing. May cough. Progress to both IN and EXhalation. Read more...