Could pulmonary edema be life threatening just by itself?

Yes.... If the pulmonary edema is of rapid onset and is extensive, it could be life-threatening. If this diagnosis is suspected, an evaluation by a doctor is needed asap, perhaps even in the er if symptoms are severe.
Yes. If the pulmonary edema is very severe the increased stiffness of the lungs (which become log water logged sponges) and the fact that the air sacs are filled with fluid can cause respiratory failure. Depending on factors such as if the underlying cause can be corrected and how easy it is to support the patient temporarily with a mechanical ventilator, it may or may not be fatal.

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Could pulmonary edema or its cause be life threatening?

Oh yes! . Pulmonary edema is excess fluid in the lungs. It can cause difficultly with breathing, low oxygen, and may even require a ventilator. It has a whole host of causes, and they definitely can be life threatening. If it comes on slowly, it can cause trouble. If it comes on quickly, and you dont fix the underlying problem, like a heart attack for instance, then it can be fatal.