Uterine prolapse mesh problems all over tv. What else can they do?

Depends on problem. Meshes have been used intravaginally since development of the sling by ulmstead in the late 90's. Current fda warnings are for vaginally placed mesh reconstruction kits. If you have mesh and are having no problems, nothing to do. A good resource for a good doctor to help would be www.Sgsonline.Org. These guys are well trained and are scattered across the country.
Most repairs can use. Your own tissue and stitches. Mesh is still appropriate in some cases. When used by an experienced gyn surgeon or urogynecologist it has reasonable risks. Make sure your surgeon can offer both options. .
Native tissue. Uterine prolapse can often be corrected using nothing but suture and your own tissue. Mesh is most indicated for recurrent prolapse.
Tv mesh. Repair of pop surgically may be done abdominally, laparoscopic, robotic assisted, or vaginally. Most surgeons will have a preferred approach depending on training & experience. The fda warnings have caused many surgeons to stop using mesh by vaginal approach. However, those that have a lot of experience with transvaginal mesh have had excellent results . It matters more who does you surgery.