I need to know if can I get pregnant with primary amenorrhea?

Cannot; see a GYN. If your brain isn't signalling for an egg release from your ovary, you won't have a signal for your periods either; that's usually the cause of amenorrhea. Often it's a hormonal imbalance--Thyroid, Prolactin, LH, FSH, Hcg should be checked. Your doctor can also induce a period as well w/ OCPs. If you've NEVER had a period, you should get an US to make sure you have normal uterus/vagina/ovaries.
No. If you have never had a menstrual period and you are not a adolescent, then, no, you cannot get pregnant. If you have had periods and then stopped (secondary amenorrhea) than you can get pregnant. See a gyn md to determine the cause of primary amenorrhea.

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Possible by IVF. Normal pregnancy is possible if no uterine abnormality with hormonal manipulation ( administration) where ovulation is absent , if tubes are absent , has normal uterus is possible , you need fertility expert , to make you ovulate , harvest , and by ivf . Speak to your doctor, good luck. Read more...