I have 2 preemies, what are my risks of preterm labor again?

Preterm birth. With a history of 2 preterm births, you are at hgh risk for another preterm birth and a candidate for 17-hydroxy Progesterone caproate injections. This is the only known therapy that can reduce your risk of another premature birth.
>25% - really high. Get early prenatal care, take 4-5 mg of Folic Acid daily, start 17-hydroxyprogesterone caproate intramuscular injections weekly at 16 weeks and you may lower your risk some. Avoid all exercise, minimize stressors and maintain a healthy body weight for your height with balanced diet. Keep all prenatal care apoointments and best of luck!

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I had a micro preemie at 24 weeks due to a uterine infection that caused preterm labor. How likely am I to have another preemie?

Varies. If it was truly due to an infection and that infection is treated and cured, you would be at no higher risk than usual.However, if there were other contributing circumstances, like early cervical shortening, any abnormalities of uterus, then the risk could be a lot higher. It's an excellent thing to talk to a maternal-fetal medicine specialist about and what you can do pre-pregnancy to prevent. Read more...