I have irritable bowel syndrome and stress, what OTC meds can I use for a headache?

Migraine "triad" In addition to dr. Heller's excellent preceding answer to your question, please also consider that a clinical triad is often recognized that links ibs with migraines and fibromyalgia. As such, please pursue more formal evaluation of your headaches in this context, so that anti-migraine medication can be prescribed as appropriate.
Acetaminophen, NSAID. Can use the usual headache type pain relievers, such as acetaminophen, nsaids like ibuprofen. Perhaps the headaches are also due to stress or your reaction to it. May do better longterm with stress reduction techniques, e.g. Meditation, yoga, relaxation exercises, biofeedback; these can be helpful in ibs as well.

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Can freq discmfrt/dull mild pain under right rib area that gets worse under stress & is better in morning be due to irritable bowel syndrome?

RUQ pain. May be due to gas, stool constipation but would also check gallbladder, liver for masses , pancreas for lesions and kidney . May also consider MRI of thoracic spine as disc issue could be a cause. F/u/ w/ doc. Read more...

Is there a remedy for irritable bowel syndrome (ibs) because of stress?

Stress management. Techniques as well as proper and regular meal times and quantities of food to help re regulate the bowel. Of course removing those things that are causing you stress should also be considered. Eliminate caffeine and alcohol will help. Read more...