Why is it suddenly dangerous to give an infant vaccines?

Its not. Vaccines have been so successful that your grandparents were the last generation suffering from many of the diseases they prevent. Since they survived & never faced the epidemics with their own kids, they are easy prey for the playboy playmates& fraud based research that call them into question.Vaccine haters have caused preventable death rates to climb in the us, skip & your kid may be next.
It isn't. There is much misinformation, but vaccines are incredibly safe, and much, much safer than the diseases they prevent.
It's not!! Vaccines are very safe and important to keep your infant healthy. I recommend following the American Academy of Pediatrics immunization recommendations and that is what I do in my practice. All vaccines given in this country have been tested and found to be safe. The reported adverse effects that are frightening some parents have no scientific basis and are not caused by vaccines.
Risk/benefit. There was a small study many years ago funded by antivaccine lobbyists which sparked international concern regarding vaccine safety. Since that time, international research has not shown a link between MMR and autism. We feel that vaccines are safe for kids and the benefit greatly outweighs the risk.