What are signs of lung cancer, smoker nine years grandma died from it inhalers not helping for asthma pressure when breathing?

Coughing blood. Chronic cough, recurrent pneumonia, bloody sputum, weight loss, and hoarseness are some symptoms of lung cancer. You are young with asthma so one of the best things you could do to help prevent this from ever happening to you is to quit smoking. There are a lot of ways we can help you! There are medications, support groups, acupuncture, and even hypnotism that have all been successful in helping.

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Lung cancer at 18 year olds? For the past two years I had a sore back/shoulder (mild), shallow breathing, a weaker voice + diagnosed with asthma

Stop smoking. That is quite a jump from asthma to cancer. Our brain thinks the worse but actually asthma can contribute to all of the reported symptoms. Treat the asthma symptoms under doctors care, find a way to stop smoking even with therapy, there are many ways. Also ask for x-ray if worry persists, lung changes would be evident. Blood work as well. Take care! Read more...

My lungs are damaged by chemo, I have asthma, my grandma died from lung cancer I've been smoking scine I was thirteen I want to quit how would be safe?

You can if you want. First is your decision , then some support , multiple studies showed that people who had a strong desire and strong decision to quit are successfull, md' scan help you with multiple meds , on you there are two bad things You started at early age when your lung cells are still immature and more prone to get injury , and second you have family history of lung ca , quit and get help of MD. Read more...