What are other ways to lower hypertension besides eating and exercising, dieting, and stress management?

Lowering BP diet. All of those plus reducing sodium intake: people are told to decrease sugar intake because it leads to obesity and diabetes; salt (sodium) intake leads to htn/atherosclerosis/mi/stoke (cva)/urinary calcium loss ("stone formation")/osteoporosis/and edema. If there is anything that we can do to lower blood pressure, it would be to eliminate all additional salt (sodium) from our diets.
Biofeedback. Of skin temperature has also been proven helpful for lowering blood pressure. Mentally increasing hand and foot temperature (vasodilation) decreases blood pressure. Find a certified professional at www.Bcia.Org and www.Aapb.Org.
Shiitake mushroom. Beta glucans in mushroom relax blood vessels and lower bp. The other product that helps are essential fatty acids, phytonutrients like beta sitosterols.