What is the best antibiotic treatment for helicobacter pylori?

Many regimens! There are five commonly used regimens, plus others not used much. All give about an 85% cure rate, so if 100 people are treated, eradication will not occur in 15. Since if you test positive for h.Pylori, even after rx, you will always remain positive. My favorite combo is Clarithromycin 500 bid, Metronidazole 500 bid, and a twice daily proton pump inhibitor. Six pills a day is a lot.

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What is the best treatment of helicobacter pylori and a duodenal ulcer?

3-4 meds. Studies show diet plays no role in eradication of h pylor infection of he stomach (a possible cause of stomach ulcers). However, avoidance of smoking, alcohol, caffeine will help lower the levels of stomach acid. The usual treatment for h pylori includes 3-4 drug regimens including antibiotics and ppi (anti-acid meds, e.g. Prilosec, prevacid). Hope you are better soon!

What do you do if the treatment for Helicobacter pylori don't work?

Usually it will. Sometimes one combination may not work. Another thing, if you get the blood test for antibodies against H Pylori, it will show a positive result for quite some times.
R/O H PYLORI. H PYLORI IS THE ULCER CAUSING BACTERIA. Normally if GERD SX & ABD PAIN HAVE BEEN PRESENT 8-12wks. It is checked in blood work /stool & breath test if possible. THE MOST EFFECTIVE REGIMEN I USE IS PREVPAK X 2 wks Given your age GI CONSULT with EGD MAY BE SUGGESTED. To document eradication recheck stool H pylori x3.

What is the treatment for helicobacter pylori infection?

Combination. Acid suppression meds in combination with antibiotics for 7-14 days. The choice of antibiotics will be determined by your allergy profile and the resistance profiles in your community. The response rate to treatment is not 100%, more like 60-80% so be sure to be tested after treatment to check for cure.

Does a person with a positive helicobacter pylori antibody test always remain seropositive even after successful treatment?

Once +, always +. The blood test for h pylori looks for your immune response to the infection. Once you turn positive, you never revert back to negative, even after appropriate antibiotic treatment. That's how you're protected in the future. On the other hand, if you want a test of cure to prove that the infection is gone, you need a breath test to confirm eradication.

I have been told I have helicobacter pylori on my lungs I have have treatment now I am going to have a breath test. Will my lungs be damage.?

Stomach. Helicobacter pylori is a bacterium that infects the stomach; it would not infect your lungs. The breath test is how we diagnose helicobacter; it produces high amounts of urease, and the activity of the enzyme can be detected in your breath. This does not mean it has anything to do with your lungs; the test detects the vapor coming up from your esophagus and stomach.

Will helicobacter pylori treatment make you gain weight?

No. Treating h. Pylori will not make you gain weight. It may however, make you feel better so you can eat more which then may allow you to gain weight. The medications used to treat the infection have no effect on weight.

What can I do for treatment of helicobacter pylori and a duodenal ulcer?

See details. Speak with your doctor or a gastroenterologist. H. Pylori is treated with a combination of antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor.