Been having dizziness, fatigue and low grade fever. Was wondering if this could be autoimmune. Have pre existing medical conditions.

Mononucleosis. is a viral infection and very contagious with major symptoms dizziness, fatigue, skin rush, headache and fever. Good rest, lots of water and healthy diet will take care of this condition in about 2 weeks. If concerned see your PCP.
Possible. There are many causes of fatigue and fever. The principle three being infection, autoimmune and cancer. The most common cause is an infection. See your doctor for a proper evaluation.

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Continously having low grade fever, dizziness nd fatigue?

Vague. How much fever? How long? Other symptoms? What do you mean by 'dizziness'? You should be seen by a competent clinician and undergo an intense evaluation with full history, physical exam and basic lab tests. Your description is not one which would lead to an easy diagnosis. See a good doctor. Read more...