How does fetal alcohol syndrome appear in toddlers and school age children?

Many, many problems. Toddlers and school age children with fetal alcohol syndrome (fas) can expeience a number of problems including mental retardation, birth defects, abnormal facial features, growth problems, problems with the central nervous system, trouble remembering and/or learning, vision or hearing problems, and behavior problems. This condition is preventable 100% of the time. Don't drink during pregnancy!
Differently. explains the needs of children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. It is the #1 preventable cause of intellectual disability, but iq's can range from 40->130; in "fetal alcohol effect, " 70->130. 80% have adhd, 90% require early intervention & special education throughout school. Executive functions deficits are life-long.

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How can fetal alcohol syndrome present in toddlers and school age children?

Delays. Delays in maturity, learning, behaviors and intellectual functioning. It's important to get this clarified early so appropriate classroom and grade placement is implemented. Google fetal alcohol syndrome and read up on it. Read more...