Will taking 1 hit of meth at 18 weeks pregnant show up in babies meconium at birth in 22 weeks? Never used again? She will be tested, along with baby.

Meconium. Think.. where will it all go , or `accumulate? But In Meconium which begins to form, I believe around 12 th or 16th wk. Drugs can be detected in Meconium by second trimester. If you stay clean and your UDS continues to be negative, they may not test Meconium. But are you asking this question for yourself or for your Baby, that little helpless, precious being expecting all protection from Mama. .

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My friend used meth 1 time at 18 weeks pregnant, very small amount, will it show in babies meconium at birth, if she delivers at full term. In 22 week?

Meconium starts . forming between 12-16 weeks. The Chicago-based lab we used when I worked for the NV State Health Division claimed that their assay could detect illicit drugs in meconium used 6 months prior to delivery. A temporary decrease in oxygen from a "hit" of meth may cause permanent damage in some areas of the fetal brain. Encourage her to 'fess up, for her baby's sake & to get addiction counseling. . Read more...