What is the role of the thymus gland in myasthenia gravis?

Treatment. Agree with dr. Brown. Often, abnormalities found in thymus. Probably more importantly is its role in treatment/possible cure. In appropriate candidates, thymectomy should be performed by a trained thoracic surgeon. This link may assist: http://goo.Gl/3xxmd.
Two fold. 1) patients with myasthenia are more likely than others to develop tumors in their thymuses called thymomas. When found early these tumors can be removed by surgery. 2) in patient with symptoms from myasthenia, even if they don't have a thymoma, they often improve (needing little or no medication) after having their thymus removed.
Thymus abnormal. Mg thymus microenvironment is aberrant - unlike the normal thymus, the mg thymus has numerous secondary follicles containing igm- and igd-bearing cells.