What is a myasthenic crisis?

A relapse. Myasthenia gravis can rapidly deteriorate if medication is failing, and a patient can rapidly weaken, have trouble breathing and swallowing, and may require respiratory support in a hospital. Contrast a cholinergic crisis, also a deterioration, but here due to too much medication.
Paralysis. During an attack of myasthenia gravis the affected individual may be completely or variably paralyzed and require assistance for breathing - or death ensues. This is an acute emergency that requires specialized hospital care.

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What is myasthenic crisis?

Aggresively !! Myasthenic crisis is a medical emergency it is related to the neurotransmitter acetyl choline not being ablt to work at the neuromuscular junction (due to ach receptor issues) it can cause life thretening symptoms specially related to the respiratory system. Read more...

What triggers increase my risk for myasthenic crisis (mc)?

A few things. Infection, stopping the medication given for myasthenia, other medications that have neuromuscular bloching properties (such as some antibiotiseg getamycin) , respiratory depressors and sedatives and anxiety are amongst the comon causes of a patient going into the crisis. Read more...