38 weeks pregnant w R mild pitting edema to dorsum and lateral ankle, no swelling above the ankle. Doppler was negative for DVT, I want a repeat doppler?

No need. . If you had a negative doppler for a DVT a repeat will not show any thing new. At your stage of pregnancy it is not uncommon to have swollen ankles. Sometimes it can be more one leg than the other, but usually symmetrical. If you develop pain in your calf in that leg you will need to get it checked out quickly as that can be a symptom for a possible DVT.

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38 was preg, R foot pitting edema, doppler neg for DVT, but sluggish blood flow of popliteal vein. Concerned that DVT was missed, scared of dev a PE!

Possiblity. Sluggish blood flow can be caused by your pregnancy also. Your uterus pushes against your inferior vena cava which is the main blood vessel that drains blood to the heart. If you are not having shortness of breathe and or chest pains, it is less likely you have a PE. Dopplers are quite accurate in detecting DVTs. . Read more...