Can the trauma of verbal and emotional abuse from a bipolar spouse cause the "healthy" partner to develop mental illness such as depression or anxiety?

Abuse and depression. Being in a relationship with a partner who is verbal and emotional abuse can easily negatively affect one's self-esteem. When one's self-esteem goes down it can clearly cause depression and anxiety. Sometimes it us very difficult to get out of abusive relationships. If you need help with this relationship find a therapist who can help you make the healthiest choices .

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Is it potentially dangerous to fall in love while having a mental illness (ADD/anxiety/depression/bipolar)? Can infatuation "interact" with medication

Depends on your . Definition of love? This is too broad of a question in a medical forum. Are you asking if your emotional judgement is impaired or clouded while taking psychiatric meds? Hopefully your moods are more stable, while you're on them to make better choices, not worse choices. You can always ask friends & family when introducing your new friend to them. Second opinions are often helpful! Read more...