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What causes chest pain and difficulty breathing after exercise?

Chest pain. Chest pain, as in angina... Can be chest, arm, neck, wrist... That is the heart can hurt and we feel it somewhere else. We call that an "anginal equivalent". Chest pain, healthy... Is your diaphragm (the big muscle under your lungs that drives your breathing) is "hurting" needing to clear the metabolites of muscle work.
Cp. Most probably exercise induced asthma or coronary artery disease or congestive heart failure or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Needs to be evaluated.

What would cause sev chest pain and difficulty breathing when lie on right side? When get up chest pain still continues but can breathe easier.

Chest pain. You should consult your doctor asap. There are several possibilities for your condition. You need an examination and tests.
May be Pericarditis. It could be pericarditis (an inflamation of the sac around the heart). Go see your doctor right away.

My 9 yr. Old daughter has chest pain and difficulty breathing periodicaly, what could be the cause of this?

Asthma? The most common cause of chest pain and difficulty breathing in a child is asthma. It is especially likely that is is asthma if there are triggers like exercise, cold, and allergens. It is also possible that there is a musculoskeletal issue. If the ribs are not moving freely with the diaphragm it can also cause these symptoms. Both can be treated easily by inhalers or manipulation respectively.
Maybe asthma. The symptoms you describe could be asthma or something more serious. I would recommend that you see her doctor for evaluation as soon as possible.
If she has symptoms. Of asthma such as chronic Or recurrent cough (especially at night), wheezing, shortness or breath or exercise intolerance and a family history of asthma, is would be especially important to be evaluated! Another consideration would be costochondritis, which is inflammation of the connective tissue in the rib cage (very painful but not dangerous).

I have had chest pain and difficulty breathing (constricted feeling) since I was young. Now 18 and my doctor doesn't don't know what it is?

I don't know either. But I am reassured by the length of your symptoms that it is unlikely to be anything life threatening. You should have had pulmonary function testing with lung volumes, cxr and possibly exercise stress testing with oxygen saturation. If that is all normal it might be worthwhile to obtain ct.
Chest pain. Your doctor might have already done some tests to find out the cause of your chest pain. Probably nothing serious that could happen in a 18 year old. But, get yourself checked for asthma- like exercise induced and probably need an echocardiography to rule out hyoertrophic cardiomyopathy.

I was diagnosed with a partially collaped lung and pneumonia 2 months ago and still have chest pain and difficulty breathing, is this normal?

Possibly yes. I imagine the collapsed lung re-expanded to normal already but another episode of collapse may occur causing persistent symptoms. After an episode of pneumonia you can feel persistent symptoms of difficulty of breathing. If there is underlying asthma or cystic fibrosis then persistent symptoms may occur. Asthma and cystic fibrosis predispose to collapsed lungs and pneumonia.

4 months ago I had mild chest pain and difficulty breathing. It went on and off for a week. The doctor cleared me but It has now come back. Any ideas?

Chest pain. You could have a cardiac arrhythmia brought on by coffee or medication or you could have an asthma problem. An ekg would be helpful as well as a visit to a cardiologist and/ or a pulmonologist.
Chest pain. Multiple causes for CP. Musculoskeletal, GI, lungs, psychosomatic (anxiety) and cardiac. Given your age and lack other cardiac RF (unknown if cigarettes or othet substances are used) - puts you at a low risk for coronary artery disease. A simple treadmill test could help put your mind at ease.