Diabetes insipidus == what are the symptoms?

Symptoms of D Insipi. Symptoms of diabetes insipidus are excessive urination and extreme thorst especialy of cold water sometimes ice and ice water. Extreme urination continues throghout the day and the night adults remain healthy as long as enough water is consumed to offset the urinary loss. In children it interfere with eating and weight gain and growth. They present with fever, vomiting and diarrhea.

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Can symptoms of diabetes insipidus disappear?

If the cause disappe. The degree of recovery is largely dependent on the underlying cause of the disease. Complete resolution of symptoms may not be seen in individuals with severe disease. Chronic diabetes insipidus, although inconvenient, is not usually a dire medical condition. When properly treated, diabetes insipidus itself does not reduce life expectancy. The prognosis, therefore, depends on the underlying diseas.

Could symptoms of diabetes insipidus disappear and then return, why?

Depends on cause. Di comes in a central (brain)form and kidney form. Things that cause interruption of the di hormone production, release, storage, transport or kidney sensitivity can give di. Trauma around production areas, as might occur with brain surgery & an infection like encephalitis might produce a transient di that resolves as production returns to normal levels.
YES. Post brain surgery or trauma or irradiation or chemotherapy, can cause transient diabetes insipidus and siadh. Treatment is indicated during the transient phase.
It could. Recurrence of di after head trauma/surgery is not uncommon. It represents the final stage of the "tri phasic response" in which di takes place in the immediate post surgery/pituitary trauma followed by excess anti diuretic hormone state (SIADH) that can last from 5 days up to 2 weeks before entering a state of di again. Depending on the insult, di can be transient or permanent.