What is a good site for answers to dental problem? Ada or is that just party line?

Health Tap! This is a great site of answers to dental questions. Thousands of physicians and dentists are members of this group, and your question will be reviewed by doctors all over the country. We are happy to receive your questions. Start today!
ADA is good source. As rule of thumb, if there's a large society c many members, in many states, generally good source of info. Goals & mission must be defined. Quality of info, avoiding personal agenda is screened by the society, so likely trustworthy. Examples i'm member of or use as resource: healthtap, acp, amda, ags, aafp, asap, jhh, ucsf, mssm, umdnj, harvard, nyu, mayo/cleveland clinics, faa/ame, ...
Dental Websites. Check american dental association, academy of general dentistry, your family dentist may also have a education site.