What do you do when your teeth are crowding together because of wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth contribute at most 10% to lower anterior crowding. Removing wisdom teeth will not magically make front teeth uncrowd. Simply put, the Specialist that treats crooked/crowded teeth is an Orthodontist (but you already knew that). Go see a pro, an Orthodontist for an opinion. First visit usually free or very low cost. Call now.
See your dentist. Wisdom teeth will not usually cause crowding of the lower front teeth. This is usually due to growth of chin moving down and foward, periodontal disease, and\or tooth grinding changing your bite. Wisdom teeth not fitting could impact the bite of your other back teeth. You should see your dentist so they can evaluate the whole picture.
Evaluation. Have a clinical examination and the appropriate x-rays taken where all of your teeth can be viewed to determine if your wisdom teeth are truly the cause of your crowding. If the wisdom teeth are the cause, they should be considered for removal, however some form of orthodontic therapy may still be indicated to correct any crowding that is present.
Remove them. If your mouth is crowded, you may need to have your wisdom teeth out to avoid problems with them and the molars in front of them. Unfortunately in many cases, the teeth continue to crowd on the bottom and sometimes flare and space on the upper due to overbite, grinding, ets.
Dentist. You may need to have that wisdom tooth removed. Sometimes wisdom teeth grow into the adjacent teeth causing not only crowding but also pain in them. You will need to have xrays done and eventually have dentist recommend most appropriate approach to treat this.