Any chance of passing on a cleft lip and palate?

Yes. Yes there is a genetic component and risk albeit low. Discuss with a genetics counselor.
Perhaps. Sometimes clefts are genetic and passed form parent (s) to child, but often times they are sporadic or due to other problems (folate (folic acid) deficiency. If either parent has a cleft, or if clefts are present in family members, there may be an increased risk of a second child having a cleft. Discuss the details with your ob, pcp or a geneticist.
Yes! Fortunately the risk of a parent with cleft lip or palate having a child with a cleft is only 4%. Smoking mothers have twice the incidence if nonsmokers.

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42 with history of 2 children with cleft lip and palate with cerbralpalsy I am pregnant and really worried about it what are my chance of a normal?

Cleft palate. Your chances of cleft palate child are 50/50.
Genetic counseling! This sounds really like a syndromic hereditary trait. You must seek expert genetic counseling asap to determine your recurrence risk - but I fear it is high if you are reproducing with the same partner. Either or both of you may be carriers of balanced chromosomal translocations producing affected offspring.
Www. Cleftline. Org. Or both parents could be carriers of an autosomal recessive disorder, or one parent could have an autosomal dominant disorder with variable expression. If the "cp" is hypotonic (low muscle tone), the children may have a connective tissue disorder. They do need a genetic evaluation. A 2nd-trimester high-resolution fetal ultrasound may show a cleft lip;3-d fus may be needed to see a cleft palate.

Any else got cleft lip and palate from family member?

Recurrence risks. Clefts have a complex multi-gene inheritance pattern that is not easily predicted. An individual with a cleft has about 4-5% risk of having a kid with a cleft, while a mom & dad with clefts would have >8% risk of a kid with the defect. It can also come up in families with no known clefts anywhere in the faamily tree.
Yes. Some forms of cleft lip and palate are inheritable but many patients do not have a family history.

What is the best part of the us to get operated for cleft lip and palate?

No best. There are many great surgeons and institutions in all parts of the country.
Many choices. If you call operation smile at 888-677-6453 or 757-321-7645, they can refer you to a number of resources in searching out a cleft lip/palate plastic surgeon. Many universities have multispecialty cleft clinics and can be an excellent source of information and treatment options. There are many good choices for this procedure in the United States. Good luck!
Experience counts. I'm not sure if any one part of the country is considered the best but seek referrals to a multidisciplinary team.
Cleft palate clinic. Seek a teaching hospital with a multidisciplinary clinic. They will see a large volume of patients and have a well oiled machine in place to care for all aspects of your child's care. As you will likely be making multiple visits over months and years, a location closer to home is probably preferable. Ask (facial) plastic surgeons in your area and they probably can recommend the best/nearest...
Cleftline. Org. This website is operated by the american cleft palate-craniofacial association which is not controlled by any one specialty, or center. They list the accredited teams in the usa. One could argue that academic center are the best or worst place to have surgery. They often have/do the latest, but often the surgery is done by trainees.
Depends. Some questions I would have for the surgeon are:! . How many of these operations have you performed? 2. How many per year? 3. What is your rate of complications? 4. What are some common complications? 5. What happens after the operation? 6. Who will be there to take care of any emergencies? 7. Are you board certified and in what area? 8. Can you guarantee success? -i'd worry if they say yes to #8.
Teams--kids hospital. We're blessed. There are many fine cleft palate teams across the country. Ask your pediatrician for referral to a team. I'm particularly comfortable with teams based out of children's hospitals where the focus is kids first.
Cleftline. There are many highly respected and talented surgeons and cleft lip and palate teams throughout the country. The best way to get information regarding these teams, as well as information for parents and patients, is to visit the american cleft palate-craniofacial association's cleft palate foundation web site at http://www. Cleftline. Org. Good luck.

If I had cleft lip, will it be likely that my future children will have cleft lips and palates too?

Cleft Lip. Cleft lip and palate are malformation defect secondary to genetics and environmental factors. Smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy increased risk.
Depends on a lot. If there is nothing in the family history, then there is about a 4% risk of children having this. However, this might vary depending on a lot of things. A genetics counselor is the best person to see to find out this risk in any specific person. Call the local cleft team to find a genetics counselor that does this.