Clammy hands, clammy feet, high metabolism?

Can be circulation. This can be due to circulation difficulty, or it might be a symptom of hypothyroidism or vasculitis. There are vasospastic disorders, like raynaud's phenominon, that are triggered by cold exposure, with blanching, cyanosis, and redness, so the extremities must be kept warm. It would be a good idea to keep your feet warm anyway. It would be wise at this point to see your doctor and get tested.

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Hi. I've suffered all my life from generalised hyperhidrosis. I've got two kids aged 5 and 3 months. Both of them have clammy hands and feet. Help!

See. See dermatologist for evaluation and to discuss treatment options. See pediatric dermatologist if you can.
Genetics. Hyperhidrosis tends to run in families. Your kids may have it but they are too young to treat. There are many options for treatment depending on which areas of the body is sweating.

Would clammy hands and feet be because of my thyroid? My hands and feet also get really cold sometimes. Would this also be thyroid related?

Can be, check w/ Dr. The thyroid controls the thermoregulation of the body, so often when people have cold hands and feet in the dead of summer, that's a tip off! However, other things must be taken into account as well. You have a history of thyroid cancer, headache, and thyroidectomy. So make sure your thyroid panel is evaluated carefully by your doctor, and levothyroxine is optimized.

I have clammy hands & feet (sweaty but freezing), hot flashes, bloating in the lower abdomen, urinating very frequently (about like every hr it feels)?

There could be. A few things occurring, and I would recommend you see your doctor in the nest day or so. This is not the forum to really diagnose someone's symptoms, could quite possible do you a disservice.

Nausea for 5 days. Clammy hands and feet and moments where I feel hot. No fever. Not pregnant (on the pill). I have an anxiety disorder but I'm not sure if this is related. I also have felt too gross to eat much. Bug or anxiety related? Any ideas?

Sounds viral. This sounds like a GI virus. Increase fluids and stick to bland meals for a few days. If symptoms persist more than a few more days, see doctor. Never hurts to check a home pregnancy test - pills aren't perfect at preventing pregnancy!
May be either so.... to check with your treating provider who best knows you & can offer appropriate management.
If this persists. More than a week, I'd start thinking about anxiety vs. A bug. You have the classic anxiety Sx's (33 all total) and probably need an eval by a psychologist, AFTER consulting a medical doc. What kind of B/C pill are you on? Side effects? Do you have an eating disorder or BDD? This requires more specific Tx's by a behavioral health specialist.