Cold and clammy feet when called on the carpet?

Nervous. For some they will sweat profusely or their heart will race. Others, the hands will get clammy for you -its your feet. Try and stay calm, take deep breathes and relax.

Related Questions

Cold clammy feet when no sox. What could it be?

Cold clammy feet. It could be just cold clammy feet. Some people tend to sweat a lot in the feet and that will make them cool to touch.

Cold, clammy feet that are purple. Does that sound good to you?

No. Check with your doctor as it may be sign or warning sign of blood flow problem.

I'm hypothyroidism, thyroidectomy 3 years ago, is it normal to have cold clammy feet? I had this before I got it taken out.

Could be. Thyroid disorders can cause several issues, including but not limited to cold or heat intolerance, etc. Other conditions, unrelated to thyroid can be a causative factor such as raynaud's syndrome, where a person can get cold feet and even cold hands at times. If the symptoms cause a major problem in your life, seek an evaluation for possible causes, as there can be tx to help. Best wishes.