1st pregnancy last yr, blood clot pass every 10 or 15days, finally 13th week miscarried. Lung TB treated 10 yrs ago. Need to check anti phospholipid?

Possibly. Most first trimester miscarriages are due to fetal malformations or chromosome abnormalities. Classic APAS related are often second trimester or associated with other problems like infertility. But if no explanation otherwise for fetal loss, thrombophilia tests like for antiphospholipid antibody are reasonable.

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Miscarry at 13wk last yr. From 5th wk, blood clot came out every 10 to 15days. What should I be check before next pregnancy? Lung TB treated 10yr ago

Consult GYN doctor. Since you had miscarrage last year ,you should get check up done and get investigated by clinical examination and blood test urine test also may be ultrasound. Your doctorwill decide about all that.TOget check up done is good thought before next pregnancy, Your past history of lung tuberculosis which was treated 10 years back , should not be a cause of worry. Read more...