Is it normal if I have anxiety, stress, and less then sleep last night my heart rate was 100bpm unlike the usual 55-65 in the morning at night its 58?

Yes. If you have anxiety and stress, you are concentrating on the wrong thing when you measure HR or BP (barking up the wrong tree!). Concentrate and DEAL with anxiety and stress. Seek help as you may not be able to do it by yourself!

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Weird butterly-ish feeling but in my upper chest, near heart. Normal heart rate, just feels very odd. Never diagnosed with anxiety, not stressed out?

Adjustment Disorder. I understand your concern of Weird butterly-ish feeling your upper chest. Feel Good that you are NOT OVERWHELMED by this feeling. Let Wise Person within you reflect: •Feelings of worry fear, hurt, resentment, confusion •Relationships problems with parents, siblings and friends •Use of Alcohol and drugs •Your Identity •Coping Skills to deal with difficult situation Seeing Therapist will benefit you. Read more...