Do most assault victims avoid eye contact?

Yes. The typical fight /flight response will cause an individual to look away from a traumatic event.

Related Questions

Why do I avoid eye contact except when emotional?

Check it out. There can be various social and/or psychological causes. An initial evaluation by your md with referral to a specialist of his/her choosing is advisable.

Why does my son avoid eye contact? He is not really shy.

Pediatric exam. A visit with his pediatrician is indicated, less likely that it is caused by an eye problem.

Is it normal to avoid eye contact with people every time?

Why? . Eye contact is part of daily communication. If you mean touchbthebeye then touching other objects. It is hard to avoid. Just wash hands often.
Completely variable. It depends completely on the culture. Consider that you may be meeting an asian emperor in the forbidden city - you do not make eye contact until you are spoken to. Because you live in washington, usa, I would consider eye contact normal - especially with 2 white people, for instance. Eye contact shows you are listening and engaged. You can judge the other person's emotions by looking at them.

Is it normal for my one month old baby to avoid eye contact sometimes?

Babies and Eyes. I doubt that a one month old baby has enough focus in their eyesight to even be able to hold eye contact. Everything is fuzzy for a long time. But, this is a good question to remind you that you will have a million questions as your baby grows and you should have a guide or other form of manual on child development that you can turn to. Every pediatrician I know recommends this.
Yes. Your 1 month old can see clearly a foot or so and will gaze into your eyes for a time before deflecting. It is as if they fill up with the vision and must look away for a period before they can look back. Their ability to hold a gaze will gradually increase over time.

Is there medication for people with social anxiety I'm comfortable with the people I live with but when I go out I just want to go&i avoid eye contact?

Social anxiety med? There are several accepted effective treatments for social anxiety! Both medication and talk therapy are approved effective treatments for social anxiety. SSRIs are commonly prescribed for treatment of social anxiety with good results. Propranolol may also be used. Behavior therapy is also effective. Talk to your doctor to determine the best treatment plan for you! :)
Medications. (such as Selective Serontonin Reuptake Inhibitors - SSRI's) can be beneficial. However, non-medication interventions are just as important if not more important in addressing the problem. Please talk with your parents about this so that you can get the help you need. Take care.
Yes. SSRIs will be helpful yet it is very important to combine the medication with psychotherapy to help overcome the social fears.

Lately I avoid eye contact with people. Due to job loss?

Psychology, not eye. Question better addressed to a psychologist or psychiatrist. Not an eye problem specifically.

Why is it that I avoid people and no eye contact?

Avoidant personality disorder. It is important that you are asking the question. Time to see a psychiatrist and talk about it. Social anxiety to this degree is very unpleasant. There is help. Cognitive therapy and sometimes drug therapy can be a big help.