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Are arrythmias and? Abnormal heart rhythm the same thing?

Yes. Arrhythmia is an unfortunate misnomer. It suggests there is no rhythm at all, in other words that the heart has ceased to beat. "a-" is a prefix that means "not".

Feeling abnormal heart rhythm. Please help!?

Severity & duration? If you're in distress, short of breath, dizzy or having chest pain, go to the er now. That said, everyone feels some "flip-flop" now & then. If it's occasional and just annoying, try avoiding caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, stress and get plenty of sleep. Don't take diet pills, sinus pills and understand that asthma inhalers make it worse. If troubled, please see your doctor for tests and advice.

What sort of problem is an abnormal heart rhythm?

Arrhythmia. An abnormal rhythm of the heart which can be detected by listening, checking pulse, doing ekg or imaging. There can be many causes and effects. I will share this with cardiologists for additional information.
Arrhythmias common. Many factors can affect your heart's rhythm, such as having had a heart attack, blood chemistry imbalances or abnormal hormone levels. Some abnormal heart rhythm, increases the risk of stroke five-fold and is responsible for part of all strokes caused by blood clots.

Please help! I'm experiencing abnormal heart rhythm?

Diagnosis? You need an ekg or 24 hour cardiac recording (holter) to determine the type of abnormal rhythm you're having.

What to do about abnormal heart rhythm. Please help!?

Depends on what. Variable rhythm abnormality are there some dangerous and some nuisance arrhythmia. Any way if there are abnormal rhythm will need evaluation as to what type and how severe are them. Might need special attention for different types. Dangerous ones are ventricular tachycardia atrial fibrillation, svt, flutter.

How do you confirm the cause of an abnormal heart rhythm?

A good history. And physical exam, ekg, certain lab work, an echocardiogram and usually some type of monitorinng like a holter monitor or event monitor depending on the frequency of symotoms. Seeyour doctor.

What are the symptoms? Of having? An abnormal heart rhythm?

Several. Some people feel their heart racing or skipping beats, some get short of breath or feel a sense of impending doom. Any of these are a reason to get checked out by a physician.