What is the difference between ab negative and ab positive blood group?

Blood typing. When one says that they have a-, b-, o-, or ab- blood they mean to say that they are rhesus factor negative. The rh blood group system is second only to the ABO system in importance in transfusion medicine. Antibodies to rh antigens such as d, c, and e arise following transfusions and pregnancy. They are responsible for hemolytic disease of the newborn and severe hemolytic transfusion reactions.

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How do ab negative and ab positive blood group differ?

Rh factor. The (+)/(-) designation indicates the presence or absence of rhesus factor, a common major blood antigen. There are about four dozen smaller / 'potential' antigens. For more information, see: https://en.Wikipedia.Org/wiki/rh_blood_group_system. Read more...

Hi doctor hope that you are doing well. I have ab positive blood group and my girlfriend has ab negative blood type can we marry?

Yes but. be sure to see a doctor when it is time for her to have a baby. She will need an injection of a drug called RhoGam at delivery in order to prevent her from forming antibodies against the Rh factor, preventing future pregnancies. Hope this helps! Read more...