Can chest CT scan puts me at the higher risk of thyroid cancer? Chest CT was done with contrast. Can contrast used in chest CT damage thyroid?

Yes, no. There is some evidence that chest ct could put one at higher risk for thyroid cancer - but almost all of these suggest that it is dose dependent and that it would take repeated scans/exposure to elevate the risk. You can request protective covering for thyroid if need additional scans. The contrast used will not cause thyroid damage or disease.

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What can be done to reduce cancer risk after CT scan (chest). I m worried about thyroid cancer as it is related to chest CT scan.

Don't worry. Hello - the radiation exposure from one ct scan is low. You do not need to worry about thyroid cancer because of a ct. We are exposed to radiation throughout our normal daily routines and when we fly. If you'd like you can limit other exposures. Request pat-downs at security at airports instead of the scanner for example. I don't think you need to do anything, however. Read more...