How can I stop frequent yeast with type 2 diabetes?

Control. The more closely the diabetes is controlled the less like you are to haver any infections, including yeast.
Avoid sugar. And wheat, take good probiotics on a daily basis, and see a doctor that can help rebalance your intestinal (and vaginal) flora. Eating coconut oil (which has the anti-fungal lauric acid) can also help. Improving your diet will help both the yeast infections and the diabetes (which is reversible). Look at the body ecology book, or other classic anti-yeast diet books.

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Is it normal to get frequent yeast infections with type 2 diabetes?

Sugar feeds yeast. Normal is a relative term - yes it is common to get frequent yeast infections with diabetes - but it is a sign that your diabetes is not well controlled. The high sugar is feeding the yeast. Read more...