I am concerned my formula fed 2 wk old hasn't gained weight since hospital discharge! Ped is monitoring, should I be concerned about health issues?

Probably not. Since your pediatrician is monitoring your baby, most likely there will be a follow up visit in a few days... If not, then call and schedule another weight check. In my 30 years of pediatric practice with thousands of newborn visits, i can recall only a handful of mothers worried about over feeding. Yet, many mothers express concerns of "poor weight gain" or "poor feeding". Have your baby weighed.
Failure to thrive . Poor weight gain may have several reasons. A baby at this age should be gaining 25-30 g per day. (1 oz =30 g) one common reason is inadequate volume intake . You should not go more than 4 hours without feeding. Is the baby spitting up a lot ? What type of formula are u giving ? How are the bowel movements ? (any mucus ?visual blood?Not too far away from you, more than happy to see in office.