Chest tightness, difficulty breathing. I have allergies, as well as anxiety, making the situation worse. How to get rid of chest congestion anxiety?

Control the asthma. It is understandable that when one can't breathe well, one often gets anxiety and thus you need to see someone, preferably an allergist, to get your asthma under control since you are not taking anything for it. On the other hand, anxiety can worsen asthma and only when we can get your asthma under control can we be certain on which is the chicken and which the egg.
Anxiety. Anxiety is state of tension, apprehension, worry, uneasiness or fear. It may be related to anticipated danger or arise for no apparent reason. While mild episodes of anxiety are common and do not usually require treatment, more severe forms can be chronic and debilitating. Symptoms of severe anxiety insomnia, chest pain, palpitations, tender scalp and parasthesia. Rec.: see your pcp for evaluation.