How to control asthma?

Inhalers & avoidance. Avoiding things that trigger your asthma, such as dust or animals, can help. Most asthma is controlled with short acting inhalers like albuterol, & long acting inhaled steroids. Albuterol helps acute attacks; inhaled steroids help prevent attacks from happening in the first place. Other meds, such as singulair (montelukast) or oral steroids, are used when these aren't enough to keep it under control.
CONTROLLER MEDS. In my opinion Controller meds which include inhaled Steroids with long acting Bronchodilaters also inhaled in combinations if taken correctly work best and sometimes one can add Montelucast (Singular) to that to control Asthma and reduce the incidents of acute attacks and exacerbations to minimum For acute attacks reliever meds like Albuterol or Levalbuteral are used with oral steroids sometimes.
Many options. There are many options to help control asthma, what is used depends on the age of the patient, the severity of the asthma and what works for the individual. It includes avoidance of triggers, inhaled bronchodialators, maybe inhaled steroids, possibly pills for allergies or to block the asthma like singulair, (montelukast) and other medications or inhalers. It is important to get it controlled, see your doctor!
Asthma. Control of asthma involves avoidance of allergens and administration of rescue medications such as albuterol inhaler and/or inhaled steroids.

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How to control asthma at starting stage in ladies?

Inhaled steroids. Inhaled corticosteroids (ICS) are the standard therapy for asthma and are quite effective in most cases. Someone with only intermittent symptoms may not need ics.
Environmentally. Often asthma is related to the individual's allergies. The most common are animal dander (cats and dogs) dust mites pollution, etc. Covering mattresses, removing rugs/carpeting and using vinyl or leather chairs/sofas can be a very good start. Air conditioners with HEPA filters should discussed. Talk to your physician about anything else that may be helpful. Good Luck.

Can I tell me how I can control asthma?

3 main approaches. To control asthma, first the triggers of asthma should be identified and avoided if possible. Second, medications are used as quick relief for immediate relief of symptoms and daily controller medications depending on the severity. This includes an action plan to use when asthma flares. Third, allergy shots can help those with allergic asthma. Also, flu and pneumonia vaccine and follow up.

How to control mild asthma. Dr gave me foracort 200 for 2 months is it ok?

Yes. Should be fine. It is long acting, and used twice a day take care of your symptoms. If you break through notify your doctor.

How can I control my asthma?

Many. 1. Identify and avoid asthma triggers (this may be allergic, irritant, ge reflux, sinus, colds, cold air, etc) 2. If persistent asthma, a daily controller medication like inhaled steroid medication is most effective. Many other meds also. 3. Influenza vaccine annually and pneumonia vaccine 4. Monitor symptoms (sometimes peak flows) and have a written asthma action plan to follow during an attack.

I want to be a professional singer someday but I'm asthmatic I want to control my asthma how do I control my asthma.? I'm curious thank you.

Asthma control. Is achievable, you only have to follow your doctor's advice, take controller medicines regularly as prescribed and avoid triggers. You would benefit by seeing an asthma specialist and follow up with, check aaaai. Org or acaai. Org for an allergist in your area, good luck.

How do I better control my asthma?

Great question! Asthma control is achieved through recognizing the severity of asthma so the appropriate amount of medication (good inhaler technique) can be used. Also, avoiding asthma triggers (smoke, pollen, etc), following a written asthma action plan when symptoms occur to react early. Having lung function checked by spirometry and exhaled Nitric Oxide if available as well. Influenza vaccine each fall.

How could I best control my asthma without medicine?

Avoid triggers. In general, desert climate is best for people with asthma. Dust filters, avoiding pets, avoiding crowds may decrease exposure to triggers. If none of this works, consider medications after all; they may prevent airway remodeling and development of emphysema in a setting of persistent uncontrolled asthma.
Environamtal control. Many asthmatics have attacks due to contact with allergic substances. The most common are animal dander, and certain insect remains and excrement. Encasing your mattress in vinyl, removing rugs from your house, using leather or vinyl covered chairs, etc can help. Avoidance of allergens is still the best non-drug method.

I take singular and qvair inhaler for asthma but I have trouble working out how do I control control my asthma while working out. I also spaz when run?

Rescue inhalers. Try rescue or short acting bronchodilators before exercise (albuterol or salbuterol inhalers like ventolin, proair, proventil etc.) usual 2 puffs before exercise.
Not controlled. If you are not able to do the things you want to, you asthma is not well-controlled. There are many ways to achieve this, but it will probably need more meds. If you are not at maximum dose of Qvar (an inhaled steroid) this may be an option. Adding a bronchodilator (albuterol) right before activities may also help. Although not optimal, there are also longer acting bronchodilators.
Asthma and Excercise. If it is the asthma causing the difficulty in working out then qvair inhaler can be replaced with advair or symbicort (budesonide and formoterol) which have the long acting beta agonist in addition to inhaler corticosteroid but I guess you need a more objective evaluation with spirometry and bllod allergy testing to see if you need singulair along with these inhalers or not.