I had surgery for a medial and lateral meniscus tear 4 months ago. I still have pain when I completely straighten my leg. Scar tissue?

Meniscal tear postop. It could very well be scar tissue. The meniscus (or menisci-plural) may have continued to tear also. My guess is that you may have underlying arthritis, which often gets exacerbated with a knee injury. The location of your pain is also very important. I would recommend having your surgeon that did the knee scope check you out again if the pain is significant.

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Thanks for advice on here, I had mri shown lateral meniscus tear heading to ortho in a week. What should I expect, same leg as previous TTT?

Arthroscopy. The orthopedist may suggest an arthroscopic repair. This would be the most logical approach. Any subsequent therapy would come after a full objective examination of the joint space. Read more...