Lastnight during rough sex I got a little dry, today I noticed white toilet paper looking skin peeling on my inner lips. What should I do? Help!

Lubricate. Don't panic! i t is just the irritation in the vaginal lips. Use some lubricant such as KY jelly and this should disappear.
Leave alone ; see. Based on what described, it's reasonable to leave whatever you felt and saw alone ; just watch for next 2-4 days; most likely, you'll get better. Your confessed hx clearly told the story of needing to respect what ; how the body/tissue works, can do to stay healthy ; well. So, watch ; see; you'll be fine as long as slowly but surely getting better day by day. Of course, if in doubt, see doc timely.
Abstain sexually. Lack of adequate sexual lubrication, allergic reaction to latex condoms. Position:hint: adequate lubrication and define your sexual limits of "rough sex". Good idea to go on "a sexual vacation" for 7-10 days and if not healing- see your gyn.