I have nf1 what's a good way to explain it to someone who has never heard of the condition?

Nervecell overgrowth. Neurofibromatosis is inherited problem varying in degree of involvement from mild to severe.Neurofibroma, benign tumor that originates from the nerve cells.Tumor usually arise from nerves in skin or jut under skin.Type 1 usually appears in children with brown flat skin spots, freckling in armpits, and soft tumors under the skin. Rarer Type 2 involve more brain tumors acoustic/ vestibular neuromas.
Spots. "I see you noticed my ___. One person in 3000 have neurofibromatosis. My ___ [relative] had ___. I have a tendency to develop spots and bumps but most of them are harmless. I have to be extra vigilant against a few uncommon cancers. It is not catching." Many people with distinctive marks let others know they like to be touched there if the situation is right.
NF1. Nf1 is an inherited condition that is quite variable, causing more symptoms in some people than others. It commonly causes multiple light brown skin spots, called cafe au lait spots, darkly colored growths on the irises, and neurofibromas, which can appear on the skin as rubbery, purplish lesions. Some individuals have more complex issues. Mayo clinic and other medical sites give helpful info.