Is it safe to do a glycolic acid peel 50% under the eyes at home? And will it get rid of the fine lines?

No and yes. Glycolic acid 50% is a strong peel. If you get it too close to eyes you could burn your corneas. I would have it performed in a doctors office under a doctors supervision, it would get rid of the fine lines.

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I have used a 50% glycolic acid peel on my dry skin on my face & it's turned cracked & sore. What could I use to heal & get rid of it?

Glycolic peel. In the future, it would be better for you to have a professional do your peel application. At this point, an ointment may help. Otherwise have your skin evaluated by your doctor. Read more...

Should people with rosacea get a glycolic acid peel? If I have rosacea, am I still considered a candidate for a glycolic acid peel if I have scarring? .

Peel . Rosacea skin is sensitive skin. Therefore caution should be used when a topical Alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid is used as part of a chemical peel . The chemical may induce redness and irritate this type if skin. Read more...