I would like the opinion of a doc who knows lyme. Does a negative IgG and IgM exclude 100% lyme? Got brain lesions, fever for years, anxiety, MS excluded.

NO, does NOT exclude. One of the reasons there is so much controversy about Lyme is that the tests are imperfect, with both false positives and false negatives. 20-30% of those with Lyme may have a negative Western Blot. With your symptoms I would be very suspicious for Lyme. It is ideal to work with a doctor knowledgeable about Lyme who uses an integrative approach. See http://www.betterhealthguy.com/lyme/testing.
Lyme? Tests for this provide mixed results in terms of reliability. Stick close to your doc. If it's lyme there are IV antibiotic specialists. Also, a natural herbal product called dipsacus has been used to kill off the spirochete that produces the symptoms. Been through this myself and i'm fine. Peace and good health. Neuroscience lab in us has specialty tests. Don't know about tests you mention.