What is the possibility of having a child after I have fibroid surgery?

Depends on surgery. The chances of pregnancy after myomectomy depend on how extensive the surgery was. A patient who had a single fibroid removed that only required a single incision into the uterus will have a better chance than a patient who had multiple fibroids removed requiring more than one incision, or entry into the uterine cavity, or significant distortion of the uterus by the surgery, or proximity to tubes.
Excellent. The two major issues are the risk of adhesion and tubal occlusion following a mymectomy and your age following the myomectomy. Try to have the surgery done within the 6-12 months that you think you want to conceive unless the symptoms of the fibroids are overwhelming. Also remember, that you may need a c/section if your uterine cavity was entered or there were multiple incisions on the uterus.
Very Good. Hopefully your chances are very high. I see many women and i surgically remove many fibroids for the purposes of helping women to conceive. The exact type of fibroid surgery determines how long a woman must wait after surgery in order to attempt to conceive. The chance of getting pregnant is then related the the ovaries, tubes and sperm!