What are the symptoms of sports asthma in a child?

Cough. The most common symptom of sports-induced asthma in children is cough; these kids often wheeze as well. There may be no symptom other than shortness of breath; for this, it is important that this lasts much longer than it does for the other kids who are participating just as strenuously, so you know that your child isn't simply getting winded. An allergy eval might help prevent worsening asthma.
Wheezing. Exertional asthma can cause wheezing and coughing and tighness in the chest. Taking albuterol before the activity can prevent this. You can also use it if it happen during the sport.
Cough, chest tight. Children with exercise induced bronchospasm often complain of cough, shortness of breath, and chest tightness or wheezing in the context of exercise. You might also notice your child not being able to "keep up" with his/her friends.