Does trigeminal neuralgia ever go away on its own?

Sort of. Sometimes people with trigeminal neuralgia have long periods with no symptoms, but there is always the possibility of recurrence.
Sort of. The only thing that i would add is that trigeminal neuralgia is extremely unlikely to occur in a 22 year old; consult an orofacial pain dentist or neurologist.

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Is it poss that trigeminal neuralgia might go away on its own. Feel that its ruined my life. Is it poss that gabapentin may stop working at some point.

TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA. It last for a long time with sometimes facial disfiguration aside from the constant pain. Gabapentin , vitamin B12 injections help shorten duration. I have seen only 2 cases . Read more...
Sometimes. Sometimes, the symptoms do go away on their own, and sometimes, Gabapentin and other drugs stop working. If you have had pain for more than a year, and multiple medicines have failed, or if you can not tolerate the medication side effects, surgery is appropriate. I do a "keyhole microvascular decompression" which allows most of my patinets to go home the day after surgery, with 90+% cure rate. Read more...