My parents circumsized me when I was a baby. Can I get a doctor to undo it, now that I'm 18?

Plastric surgeon. Might agree to surgery for a fee, not covered by insurance. Surgery is quite extensive, & results do not look that good cosmetically, even with a "good result". Surgery involves making a circumferential incision around penis approx. 1 1/2 inches below the groove (coronal sulcus), freeing that skin up to cover the glans and covering the 3" gap with a skin graft ?From inner, upper arm. ? Worth it.
Why? Are you battling with your parents ? Have your friends labeled you as an oddball ? This is a procedure done by billions of Muslims, Jews and Christians for thousands of years and seemed happy with it. Are you ready to self fund an unnecessary surgery to fit your perception of what you should be. These are questions you need to answer as you go forward.I hope you fine peace.