What to do if I have hiv/sti or Lyme disease!?

Establish diagnosis. Your question is what to do if you have HIV versus another sexually transmitted infection versus lyme disease. The first thing to do is to determine if you have any disease and which one. Visit with a doc / other provider / clinic and have an exam and appropriate testing. Once you know if you have a specific disease and what that is, then you can have appropriate therapy. Be well.

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Can inflamation to the brain start to occure just 2days of exposure to hiv. Can Lyme disease mimic HIV symptons? What else can cause brain inflamation?

Brain Trauma. There are a number of possible reasons for inflammation of the brain. I would hope that you are getting or have gotten a full work up with a real physician to know the cause of your troubles. Hiv infection takes about three weeks to spread throughout the body. There is no way to have symptoms of any HIV illness in just two days after exposure. See comments for next... Read more...