Is there a risk to the baby if I stop Prozac (fluoxetine) during the second trimester?

Under Doc Care Only. The main risk of stopping antidepressant meds in the second trimester is recurrence of depression, which is why you need to be seeing an experienced doctor regularly, who could help you see early signs of returning depression. Also, if you do stop, it is often a good idea to resume about 4 weeks before delivery to avoid the risk of serious post-partum depression.

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Can there be a risk to the baby in stopping Prozac (fluoxetine) during the second trimester?

Not necessarily. If mom is stable through the balance of pregnancy there is no significant effect on the fetus if you stop the med however, a baby needs a fully functional mom to thrive well & mom should not stop the med if she needs treatment to stay healthy enough to care for baby after birth. Read more...