Can you tell me what to do if I turned 16 and I would like to know the average penis size of my age. I am 5 inches when erect. Is this average?

Penis size is at the. front of every man's mind because he wants to know if he measures up. At 16, you will have a few more years of penile growth, though 5 inches at your age is something to be proud of. Despite email "miracles", nothing truly increases penis size, except a few risky surgeries which probably aren't worth it. Well mannered confidence is far more attractive than having an enormous "ego".
Yes. In the USA, 5.0" is average for a guy. Stop looking at guys in those pictures. Bigger guys don't get as hard, and may have compatibility problems with women they meet. A smaller guy can stimulate her best nerve endings (in the front) more easily. Especially, learn to use your whole body (mouth, hands, everything else) and your personality to be a superior lover.