I want to have baby but I am 40 years old it's been very hard to get pregnant.?

I was a midlife mom! Everyone is different. I will just share my experiences. Prior to proceeding i did years of homework and soul-searching. I also put away a lot of money and vacation time. But once i started i never looked back. Yes, i faced fertility challenges. And pregnancy complications. And then major lifestyle changes for my preemie. However one has a baby, that child brings joy to the family for a lifetime.
Talk with expert. At age 35, risk of having some problem with newborn starts to rise, and after age40, it is dramatic increase in risk. But it certainly occurs more today, and most are not problematic, but definitely needs OB that specializes on high risk. One factor is that it's been hard to get pregnant: why? If very important for you and partner (?) to ave a child, consider adoption....Seriously.