I have a problem with my penis called hyspospadia. I want to know if I have a chance to produce a baby?

Hypospadia/fertility. In certain primitive cultures an incision was made in the bxxe of the penis to produce a hypospadia resulting in infertility. If you are still able to ejaculate with a release of semen intravaginally then it probably doesn't matter. If the defect is close to the base of the penis then you'll have to produce a specimen, have it washed and inseminated into your partner.
Yes. It should not affect fertility. However, it may affect intercourse depending on the severity. In that case, you may need alternate forms of fertilization.
Yes you can. Problems to consider: problems with erection, sperm dribbling at ejaculation. Evaluation: exam by a urologist for testicular descent and associated abnormalities sperm analysis, antisperm antibodies. Sometimes abnormalities are found but many can be addressed through intrauterine insemination or assisted reproductive technologies.